The categories in the JerkAndWatch series are placed according to the most appreciated criteria in the world of porn lovers. After much research and analysis, we realized that we need to come to the aid of porn viewers. So we entered the world of porn easily to come to the aid of all online sex lovers.

Fantasy Jerk where all the fantasies in our minds come to life and color in the most incendiary sexual sessions.
Fetish Jerk is the secret world of porn, the world of fetishes of all sex lovers but also world-famous porn stars. In this category, you will find videos with unsuspected pleasures of many people who keep them hidden just for their privacy. In the fetish category, you will find exactly what you are looking for.
Toy Jerk or the so-called sex toy category, because yes we have a lot of videos in which the protagonists are armed with different sex toys of different sizes, shapes, or speeds.
These were our main categories, we will return periodically with new content additions and premium materials.